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. my growing hard on >> he seemed amenable. he got cold feet? may be he lost interest. ben shrugged. who knows. i would be with us in the second. i am serious. don't you feel abandoned. it's a three way honey, i don't think two people can feel abandoned. he might be late. i looked at the clock again. 25 minutes. only hustlers can get away with that. he's not a hustler? ben turned and looked at me. you think i bought us a hustler? how pathettic tic do you think we are? >> i sort of felt like he targeted us. i didn't get that sense. may be i'm wrong. ben smiled. you are disappointed. no , i said, no just annoyed. he pulled down the waist band. i don't need a mercy suck. he looked up. mercy suck. whatever. undeterred ben got down to business. mercy i said, there was when mr. johnson knocked on the door. you may have figured it out by now. to us, he was still the great dark man. a mythical man or object to desire. it was probably why we jumped to attention. jesus. tucking the incriminating evidence. wait. let this go down first. >> why? i don't know. seems rude. ben widened his eyes a
pulled a knife on her. there was ben, angie's boyfriend at the time of her death. older and already out of school, he was a construction supervisor in dallas. >> sounds like he was the opposite of lance. >> i would say he was the opposite of lance. >> and there was russell, a new friend of angie's who went out with her and her friend anita kadala. another student at smu. >> you saw her that night. >> yes. >> how was she? >> she was angie. i mean, she was fine. >> that night anita accompanied angie and russell on an expedition to a series of bars and clubs. angie's boyfriend ben was not present. >> ben was aware of the fact that angie, russell, and i were all going out together. >> at least to evelyn, ben didn't seem like the type to get jealous or violent. >> you could never imagine ben hurting angie? >> i could never imagine ben hurting angie. >> the evening ended at 1:00 a.m. angie dropped russell off at his apartment which was walking distance from her own and then took anita home. she thought about spending the night at angie's but thought against it. >> what was the last thing you
have a hard time finding us. i'm michael i said. finally standing. this is ben. he shook our hands. i'm patrees. i am worried that it might make me squirm. i found it hospitable. that it put he more at easy. we're glad you came. patrice smiled. ben caught my guy. he began to rearrange the forskin. it seemed to swell. when he removed it, he said, i open it's okay. i'm sort of a kiss pig. no problem. as i caught my breath. ben removed. he reported getting a big laugh. i should tell you something. i am used to this moment arising. i tried to make it easier for him. we always play safe. so it's something else. we waited for the penny to drop. i do your momma's hair. this simply did not compute. ben looked up at him completely open mouthed. what he murmured. i do his momma's hair. in this moment of raw revelation. the obvious pride she showed in her new hair dresser. i thought you were a woman. how did you about who we were? >> she has a picture of y'all in her room. y'all by waterfall. she talks about you all the time. jesus said ben. what are the chances of this? patrice shrugged. why di
at the site of every single emergency call in our district and in our city. i want to bring up ben ames up to the podium. >> [applause.] >> supervisor kim: whether it's a major fire, in a single family home, a residential apartment building, a gas leak, he has become a familiar face as he is often the first person on the scene and usually the last person to leave. he has been the emergency response coordinator for the city's human services agency since 2002, so over the last 10 years. this past decade you have been serving our city. since i took office in 2011, he has responded to at least 10 significant fires in our district, and worked with residents to find both temporary and in many cases permanent housing, after those incidents. many of us that have gone on the fire of these scenes, it's scary. families and individuals and seniors often don't know where they're going to go next, have lost a lot of their belongings, but most importantly, have lost their home and their security. it really takes an individual i think of a high level of caliber and sensitivity to be able to work with so m
, because ben bernanke's going to print 85 billion dollars a month for the rest of the year and he won't quit for a long time. he needs to. we just received very negative news on the state of the economy. and yes, he is printing and because he's printing, stocks are at a five year high and the gains will continue today. but he is facing criticism. america takes an inflation hit, as wall street rakes in the money. the mideast is a factor, the protest now seems to be spreading to any symbol of the west. lebanese protesters torched a k.f.c. restaurants and sudanese stormed the embassy and the the british embassy as well. still tense in egypt, but fox news has reported the big dem separations called off in cairo and oil close to $100 a barrel and the iphone is selling out and expensive crude still sells, doesn't it? "varney & company" is about to begin. >> friday, september 14th, perhaps the biggest result of the fed's decision to print, oil. back at the key $100 per barrel level. there's breaking news out that reflects how weak this economy is. and august production down 1.2% and that is
what they're going to do next. ben has demonstrated a commitment to going above and beyond of what is expected and required of him in his work. he immediately puts our residents at ease and helps them to move through the shock of losing in many cases everything that they own. and to prioritize our most vulnerable and impacted residents. his empathy and responsiveness are things that representatives single out when they come to our office when they give feedback on how our emergency response has gone. he has talked about creating a cultural shift by thinking of how we it continue to help victims and survivors over the long-term. people are often immediately concerned and sympathetic to victims of fire or displacement but that often wanes over time as the media turns their eye elsewhere. he evaj lives good samaritan behavior where he goes. we're he we want to thank you in this month for the work you do on behalf of our city and county and we look forward to continue working with you. thank you, ben. >> [applause.] >> before you speak, i know there are a number of colleagues on the ro
. charles payne, ben stein, dagen mcdowell and adam lashinsky and charlie gasperino. >> i think it was a good place to start, to ryan's point, it was with respect to social security or medical spending, you know, and the ideal spending cap. if we adhere to spending caps we wouldn't be in this position in the first place, so i take his point although i think it would have been a good starting point for everyone to say, okay, let's start with this and then go from there. ben stein? >> we've gotten ourselves into a such a deep hole and everyone wants to avoid tax, tax, tax, we can't. yes, they've got it cut it, and going to have to do financials, we don't want to do it, we've got to. >> neil: i'd like to disagree with that, but (laughter) >> mr. gasperino? >> and we don't have to raise taxes right now. it'd be a dumb thing to raise taxes, in the middle it looks like we're headed to a double dip recession. >> neil: you think that. >> you look at the numbers and the business round table and look at the latest gdp numbers and consumer spending and i don't criticize ben bernanke for d
and why it's time to get more people in the game now. and we've got dagen mcdowell, and gary, and ben stein who has not been playing games himself, multi-tasking again, another great book just out, how to really ruin your financial life, and shockingly, it does not involve congress. and we're also joined by adam lashinsky and charlie gasperino. gary, to you first, the 47% figure, you say for a country it doesn't figure, bottom line, not a good number to have in average. >> an easy way to go about, if you're getting food stamps, if you're getting unemployment benefits, the government's giving you money, that adds to the deficit. if we can get you off of that, whichever way possible and get you into the jobs, not only is the government not spending that money, you're actually contributing to the economy, if the economy is getting better government receives higher amount of money in taxes. and you know, we're going the wrong way, the april-june numbers at that came out by the government. more than double the people that got jobs went on disability, and food stamps, if that continues ther
to sense where each side is coming from. to ben stein, sandra smith, charlie gasperino what, do you think. >> i'm biased, i believe in business, i believe in pro growth policies and that's what it is. business versus-- big business versus big welfare, i've seen them both up close and personal and i tell you big welfare is destructive and stops innovation and that's what big government is, by the way. >> neil: so you're for obama. (laughter) >> that blew me away i worked hard for it, but we spend it. that's ridiculous, that's crazy. and i just don't get it. by the way, i thought the democratic convention was so mean-spirited, so anti-american, that it's hard for me to believe this country is tilting in that direction. >> i was-- i'm fascinated by the political strategy here, just without taking a side, the democrats are out there saying, we want -- you know, we love the free market system, we just want to create this safety net just in case you have another 2008. the republicans saying, kind of the flip side of that. now, we're free market, but we are -- we are making these cuts so we can
the release after ben looks that way. comes back, it's intercepted! picked off and running into the end zone for a touchdown! tracy porter. >> cris: where have we seen that before? >> al: tracy porter who locked up the super bowl for new orleans with a pick of manning. they have locked this one up with a pick of roethlisberger. >> cris: what a game for tracy porter tonight. a little inside release, didn't like it, arrows back outside. you can see porter looking back at roethlisberger. and there he goes. and somewhere peyton manning is saying, see, ben? got me, too. you want to go for two here, right? >> al: you do. you want to make it 14. it's 12 right now. manning saying put the ball down. we're going to go for two. after a 43-yard return. >> cris: and boy, let the expectations go up in denver. they were sky high anyway. but after beating the pittsburgh steelers, there's going to be a lot of super bowl talk around here. >> al: the two-minute warning with 1:58 left on opening night in denver. 31-19. 4g lte has the fastest speeds. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would y
been running up on the notion that this is the best straw that we have. and ben bernanke is the best guide we have in monetary policy is the best option we have. ben bernanke does appear to be the only guy getting something done. the president doesn't seem to be engaged. congress can't get its act together. we go back to the sky. that's what concerns me. we will get a fair and balanced debate with senator phil gramm. senator, i guess that is what troubles me. not so much that i love romance as much as the next guy. what is prompting this? what you say? >> well, first of all, you have to remember that everything that is doing now is going to have to reverse when the economy ultimately starts to grow. for example, this new action, one shilling and a half of government debt. it will monetize the debt ridden when it sells that trillion and a half dollars, interest rates will rise substantially. the federal deficit will go up. every 1% rise in interest rates will cost $100 billion. mortgage-backed securities, when they are sold as they have to be when the economy starts to recover, the mo
builders doing well. bringing on wall street. the ben bernanke bounce continues. a lot of people thought there might be sell-offs and people taking a profit on what happened with the ben bernanke bounds. the bouncing ball continues. we will see what happens over the weekend but all the indices higher and didn't get the bump it did yesterday but the fact that there was confidence above 50 on the dow 50 points to not the same percentage, on the s&p and nasdaq. almost a full percentage point, doing extremely well and small and midsize cats as well. the largest gainer of all these indexes, small and mid-size cavs. when the bells ring that is what action begins. we have a full pack our. reagan budget director david stockman will tell us why he is on warpath against the fed and starting to question whether capitalism itself can survive post ben bernanke. four years since the collapse of lehman brothers. you have somebody who says he found the next lehman brothers and you worked here when it was spiraling down. larry mcdonald coming up. we will tell you what drove the markets with the data down
more water. fill the sinks and tubs. we don't have much time. - ben, stop. it's happening, isn't it? - bass, why don't you just call her? - call her? nobody calls anybody anymore. come on, man. she's 22. she doesn't even talk on the phone. - wow. - what, you wanna give me some tech advice, huh? you with your big fat casio '80s brick phone. - yeah. [cell phone rings] it's my brother. benjamin, what's up? - where have you been? - what's going on? what's the matter? - i've been calling. where are you? - she's sending photos. - we, uh, went out, had a few. we're on our way back to base. what's going on? what's wrong? - listen to me very, very carefully. - look at that. - shh, shh, shh. - it's all gonna turn off. - what? - it's gonna turn off, and it will never, ever turn back on. - what's gonna turn off? what are you talking about? - everything. everything's gonna turn off. [call cutting out] - ben? did i lose you? - no, no, no. - miles. [electricity crackling] [tires screech] [danny cries] - what the hell is going on? [woman shouts distantly] [distant shouts] [distant screams] - what y
's the american consulate building in benghazi. we want to get straight to arwa damon. and ben wedeman in cairo. let me start with you. we're hearing that someone has been arrested in conjunction with the attacks. but one of the groups linked with al qaeda that's recently claimed responsibility for attacks on america and other interests said they had nothing to do with this one. is ansar al sharia brigade. what can you tell us? >> reporter: the brigade issued a statement saying they were not involved in the incident that took place, the assault on the consulate itself. but that statement is being met with pretty wide skepticism with the libyans we speak to and even the authorities themselves. there have been reports that there have been clashes breaking out between government forces, between some of the other extremist groups that have turned on ansar al sharia realizing what the short fallout of this horrific assault could potentially be. and this just really goes to underscore, erin, how many challenges this country faces. the fact that this very much a nation that is run by these militias, t
-year high after fed chairman ben bernanke announced a new round of so-called quantitative easing, its third since the financial crisis began. so, we're going to turn to our monetary expert mary o'grady explain briefly what ben bernanke proposed to do? >> ben bernanke is trying to stimulate the u.s. economy. and in qe3, what he will do is create money and use that money to buy mortgage-backed securities. >> paul: what is it supposed to accomplish? >> the goal is to push down long-term interest rates and by that he thinks that people who have-- investors who would otherwise be buying bonds and capturing a higher interest rate will say, oh, there's no return there, i'm going look for something that gives me a higher return and hoping they will employ that capital in a real economy and that will stimulate growth. >> okay, so, third time the charm here, dan? he tried it twice and might have worked arguably the first time to get us out of the panic, the second time not much obviously. but what about this time? >> what reason is there to believe it would happen this time? >> he said this time it's
there by boat or by buggy or by bus or by bike, i'm going to take you by ben. now, this is not big ben, just ben, and ben is going to take us for a little stroll around town. come on. >> i love this because this doesn't feel like work at all. >> reporter: this is the beautiful serpentine in hyde park. it was created 300-some years ago. it's actually fake, so ben and this horse won't want to actually drink from this water, but the tourists are having a good time. hyde park is 350 acres. we're actually on a bit called rotten road. now, this used to be a very fashionable place where society would come to see and be seen. no, it's not time to eat! if ever you're in london, come check it out. come for a ride in hyde park stables. zain virgee and ben, cnn. >> cheerio, zain. i'll be back in one hour and i'll talk to the phoenix mayor who spent one week on food stamps and how the experience changed him. i'm fredricka whitfield. "your money" starts after this. hey america, even though slisa rinna is wearing the new depend silhouette briefs for charity to prove how great the fit is even under a fantastic
>>> hi, everybody. welcome to the wall street report. big ben's bond bombshell. the fed's huge move. bill gross tells us what it all means for the markets and your money. italy at the center of europe's storm as it tries to pull out from under a crushing debt burden. my conversation with mario monti and the end of men. "the wall street journal" report agains right now. >>> here's a look t a what's making news as we head into a new week. the federal reserve is hoping the third time will be a charm. the fed's open market committee announcing a new bond buying program to keep rates low and boost the economy. the latest unprecedented round of quantitative easing is different in that it is open ended and has no end date. that sent stocks surging on wall street. the dow and s&p 500 hitting the the heist levels since december of 2007. the nasdaq at the highest since november of 2000. another ratings agency issues a warning. moody's says if congressional negotiations fail to stabilize the budget, moody's will lower the rating. mark zuckerberg made his first public appearance since the the c
the brashear family. kate works for a nonprofit in the city five days a week, and ben is a writer staying home with the kids. add a third child on the way, no space to put him in. that's where we come in. >> i'm kate. >> i'm ben. >> we live in montclair, new jersey, with our two kids and one on the way. george is 5. and louisa is 3. and we're also expecting another little boy in about a month's time who is as yet nameless. >> sharky. the kids call it. >> him. >> him. i work at a nonprofit charter school network in harlem in new york. >> and i'm a stay at home dad. i stay home with the kids. send them off to school in the morning, pick them up from school, hang out with the moms, play dates. >> do the laundry. cooking. >> laundry, cooking. >> cleaning. >> yeah. it's all -- you know, the gender roles, like the historical gender roles are obviously kind of reversed here. it also suits me because i'm a writer and, you know, i can be home and i can work when the kids are off to school for a little while here and there and work when they go to bed and i don't need to be somewhere. it's a small house
to prove itself not just to its own people but to the world. >> yes. ben what about in cairo. we showed pictures of hundreds of protesters outside of the u.s. embassy. tear gas was fire, rubber bullets were fired. i know you were there. what is happening -- what's the latest you've been seeing tonight? >> reporter: well what we've seen in the last hour or so the security forces have pushed the protesters back, back in the direction of tahrir square and back to the north. these clashes have been going on all day long. it's now 1:00 in the morning here in cairo. more than 200 people have been wounded just so far today in these clashes. now, of course, the country is bracing for more protesters tomorrow, friday the muslim day of prayer. the muslim brotherhood said it is organizing nationwide protests against this anti-islamic video clip that appeared on youtube but they stress that the protests will not take place anywhere near the american embassy and they say those protests will be strictly peaceful but the worry is, of course, that it's not the muslim brotherhood that's leading these pr
" next, some not so good news about the job market has a lot of people talking about big ben. but what can he do? and the reported blowout between the united states and israel that had the prime minister at his wit's end. what really happened? a key person in that room. and a rareirus has killed three people at yosemite national park and tonight an alarming warning to nearly 30,000 other people. let's go "outfront." >>> good evening, everyone. big ben getting ready to go to bat. the man who has to save america was at a game casually dressed. a pair of jeans. got his hat on. but he always wears a belt. i'm betting his mind is racing. next week, ben might unleash the beast of hundreds of billions of dollars to america. why? well, today's awful jobs report, it was a measly 96,000 jobs created last month. ben bernanke has called the job crisis in america a grave concern. we all know that our elected leaders in washington so far have not done much about it lately. >> i think what we've had lately is because you've had a lack of leadership on fiscal policy. >> i just want to pause there, pau
, saying mr. obama was speaking coll ok woracolloquial. ben wedeman on the ground for us. homeland security adviser fran townsend with us. our national security contributor and member of the external advisory committee. she visited egypt with her employer. and we have a fellow at stanford hoover institution is that firing in the background right now? >> actually, anderson, that is protesters firing fireworks in the direction of security forces which are literally right below this balcony and this is happening sort of on an hourly basis throughout the day and well into the night. >> so what is the atmosphere like? and is this still about that video? >> it is. i mean, we spent some time speaking to the protesters and that obviously -- that video is what they acclaim or explain is the reason for their presence outside of the embassy. but as i've seen in previous clashes here in cairo, a dynamic sets in, where it's really a fight between basically young men who are sort of high on adrenaline against the security forces, and sort of the politics seems to disappear. but obviously, symbolically, t
>> what do you think of adam. >> i like my pick and i like bens more. that's the way they should play. thank you very much. message to washington, you can see eye to eye and get along. david asbin on forbes on fox. >> anti-american protest still erupting in pakistan despite the u.s. spending $70,000 on an ad denouncing the anti-islamic film . secretary of state urging lawmakers to keep billions in u.s. aid flowing in the region. is she right or time to cut them off. >> go in focus with mr. steve forbes who is author of "freedom manifesto" it is a must read book to read . rick unger and elizabeth and rich and victoria. >> steve, is it time to cut them off. >> cut off or partial cut off . egypt and other countries if you can't protect, you shouldn't get free money from us. that is basic. rick unger, it is our mon yewe should be able to decide. and if they can't protect our embassy and treat us with a decency, shouldn't we cut them off? >> the issue is you can't make foreign policy in reaction to short term events. we know it is awful and i will be the first to agree those governmen
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,669 (some duplicates have been removed)